Adjustments to fit your needs

Adjustments to fit your needs

We are ready for your specific needs

WEBDISPATCHING is actually a very comprehensive application that contains a wide range of functions that cover the problems of managing a fleet of vehicles from many angles.

However, it is possible that you will need a quite specific function in your particular case that is not included in WEBDISPATCHING, because even the most sophisticated system cannot completely capture all specifics of such complicated issues as administering and managing a vehicle fleet.

In this case, our team of programmers is ready to produce an application tailored directly to your needs.

We always take the first step in consultation with customers - the entire process starts with calculating and deliberating whether an extension of functionalities will bring the expected return or if any of the existing functions could be used for the desired purposes.

Programmers who are directly involved in developing the application work on individual WEBDISPATCHING modifications, so the entire tailoring process is quite fast.