WD Fleet

WD Fleet

WD Fleet is an application designed for mobile telephones and tablets that drivers use as a communications terminal. Compared to normal navigation systems, it provides an inexhaustible wealth of functions and allows a detail overview to be produced of driver movement and performance.

WD Fleet Features

  • Navigates with Google Maps or Sygic
  • Receives routes sent by a WEBDISPATCHING dispatcher and manages stops along the route
  • Enters driver status (AETR) and creates a Document available to the WEBDISPATCHING dispatcher
  • Digital tachograph information in clear graphic form
  • Two-way communication of messages between drivers and dispatchers
  • Basic statistical reports on trip mileage and duration
  • Displays current day’s schedule
  • Provides a notice of upcoming events associated with the vehicle, such as service visits and STK inspections
  • Receives direction to fuel stations sent from the WEBDISPATCHING dispatcher, telling drivers where they can and cannot refuel
  • Records fuel stops and clearly displays them
  • Works with both semi-trailers and containers
  • Scan of document by integrated camera, determine the type of document, the document is sent to Webdispatching
WD Fleet WD Fleet

Supported features

Description WD Fleet
WD Fleet
Routes limited
Operation record
Filling rules limited
Speed overview limited
Trip mode
Price free 2 000,-
Integrated navigation system
Sygic FLEET TRUCK Portable incl. map of Europe + Russia*
+2 750,-
Integrated navigation system
Sygic FLEET TRUCK Portable incl. map of Europe + Russia**
+2 750,-
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