Perfect Drive

Perfect Drive

Perfect Drive evaluates the driving style of commercial vehicle drivers. The evaluation is printed in summary group and driverís reports and in a detailed report. A driverís style significantly affects fuel consumption and vehicle wear. For example, the correct style can cut consumption by two 2 liters for every 100 kilometers driven, with savings for one vehicle each month of about Ä 230 in fuel costs. And what if you had 100 of them? You could then save Ä 272,000 a year. So how is driving style evaluated? No driver can be compared by their average consumption because vehicles are driven in different terrains, with different loads and they even drive different types of vehicles. With this in mind, an evaluation of driversí styles has been developed from the monitoring of vehicle control parameters like engine speed, how often the service and engine brakes are engaged, foresight, vehicle speed, coasting, cruise control and pressing the accelerator pedal. It enables a fair assessment of which drivers are handling their vehicles the best.


The group report compares several drivers in a group, grading them by their driving style (the best driver is marked 100%). It also provides data according to the number of points scored for different criteria, where a driver can score between zero and ten points (10 is the best).


The driverís report lets you see a summary of basic parameters and also maps the route driven, listing the vehicles used and the passengers riding with them. You can shift from this report to the next DETAILED REPORT.


The detailed report monitors many other driving style parameters, as well as distributing values by traffic (city, intercity, motorway or other). It is intended for the detailed work done by the manager overseeing drivers.