Tachograph archiving

Tachograph archiving

Do you have vehicles with digital tachographs in your company fleet? And would you like to do data archiving without having to physically read the tachograph on the vehicles? We have a solution for you!

We have developed a feature that allows the digital tachograph and driver card data to be backed up remotely in a fully automated manner. This makes it easy to meet the legal obligation to read data every 90 days and 28 days for driver cards without having to physically visit the vehicle and read the data in person. The data will be available at any time in the Webdispečink app and so you can just check compliance with EU regulations 561/2006, AETR, 478/2000. Simply order the service including the company card reader and ensure that the GPS unit is correctly installed in the vehicle.

Schematic of how remote downloading of digital tachograph data works

Remote downloading of digital tachograph data

This is what the files read from a digital tachograph with ESM file extension look like (compatible with DDD file format)

Read from a digital tachograph with ESM

And here are the DDD files read from the driver card inserted into the digital tachograph

DDD files read from the driver card

The archived files can be saved to your local computer and worked with at any time. Alternatively, after ordering, files can be transferred automatically using a special WD File Agent program that uses an API interface to retrieve files from the Webdispečink portal and store them in the desired directory. The user can check the tachograph reading statuses in the clear agenda under the Tachograph data archiving check, and similarly for driver cards under the Driver card archiving check.

Tachograph data archiving checkTachograph data archiving check


  • Supported digital tachograph unlocked for communication.
  • GPS unit Vetronics 710, 711, 720, 721, 810, 820 or newer. read more...
  • Professional installation of the GPS unit and its connection to the tachograph.
  • Company card inserted in an active GSM company card reader. read more...
  • Remote archiving service activated on the vehicle. The service can be activated at your dealer.


  • Continental/VDO version 1.3a and higher
  • Stoneridge SE5000 7.1. and higher