Transferring data to your applications

Transferring data to your applications

Thanks to the possibility of data transfer to and from WEBDISPEČINK, the efficiency of your fleet management gains another dimension.

This opens up possibilities for:

  • reduction of administrative costs (no duplicate data processing)
  • simplification of dispatching decision-making and planning processes
  • speeding up the processing of internal, commercial and financial documents
  • increased competence in decision-making and company management

WEBDISPEČINK is an open system thanks to the so-called API interface for all those who decide to draw data from it and use it for example for:

  • processing in corporate information systems (ERP) such as: AZ Pro, D3K, Helios, Prytanis, QI, Rinkai, Sped.
  • publication on your own website or app
  • sharing your own data with key business partners
  • processing in third party systems such as: Project44, TranV, Transport Manager, TimoCom, Fleetfance by Omnitracs, etc.

These activities are already being used by many companies to make the most of their WEBDISPEČINK data.

The communication of WEBDISPEČINK with other systems can be bidirectional. From WEBDISPEČINK it is possible to obtain, for example, the current location of vehicles, logbooks of individual vehicles, fuel or temperature levels, photos of documents taken by the driver, and the like. However, it is also possible to send data to WEBDISPEČINK, for example, scheduled shipments for drivers (for sending to the WD Fleet 3D driver mobile app), refueling records, etc. It is also possible to synchronize data between information systems, e.g. settings of vehicles, drivers, users, etc.

All this is offered by our API interface. Just take a look at, where you can find complete documentation and price list.