With the advent of electric vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) in fleets, we have developed special features for these types of low-emission vehicles in Webdispečink. These features are included in a special electric vehicle package that must be ordered with the installation of the unit in the vehicle. As electromobility brings a large number of new agendas, we have created a team of specialists to help you with any issues. We offer consultations on electric vehicle infrastructure, the operation of low-emission vehicles, as well as fleet analysis with recommendations on which combustion engine vehicles can be replaced by low-emission vehicles.

The EV package includes the following features:

  • Import of recharge transactions from ČEZ, PRE, E-ON, Tesla and the possibility of custom imports from, for example, company wall boxes
  • Automatic insertion of vehicle charging costs according to the SOC (energy in battery) at home or business location according to set tariffs
  • Advanced statistics for EV users (monthly billing for BEVs and PHEVs, deductions for private km, refunds for home charging at the driver's home address)
  • Identification of unknown charging with the possibility to insert it into the cost
  • Report on drivers' charging behaviour, i.e. where they charge most frequently (company infrastructure, home charging, public charging stations) and what the average cost of charging is
  • Charging guidelines - a list of recommended public and internal charging stations
  • Reports of current location including SOC status, connected charging cable, started charging or remaining vehicle driving range

With this toolkit, you can close the logbook, calculate drivers' private mileage or find out the running costs of low-emission vehicles just like combustion vehicles.

ELECTROMOBILITY - Statistic by vehicles

For low-emission vehicles, we recommend that you consider using the WD DRIVER app, which allows you to display the state of charge, estimate how long it will take to charge, or notify you when charging is complete.


The app also works with the charging guideline to suggest the nearest charging options to the driver, as recommended by the fleet manager.