Automatic import of costs

Automatic import of costs

A perfect overview of all costs in one place.

Bulk import of costs in Webdispecink is easy. Now you can also import costs automatically.

In this case, you must contact the service station operator and give your permission to provide data to Webdispecink. As soon as the request is reported, Webdispecink automatically imports the data.

We currently support automatic imports from companies such as Eurowag, Slovnaft, E.ON a OMV.

For more information, contact technical support.

Overview of all costs

Contacts of the service station operator:


E.ON Drive: For automatic transfer of recharge transactions made via the E.ON Drive recharge service, please send an email containing your customer account email address (the one you use to log in to the mobile app), RFID card or chip code (printed on each) to Please include in the Subject line "Consent and request for transfer of recharge data to Webdispecink". The transfer will be activated within 3 working days. The data transfer includes all transactions - public (including roaming and foreign), business and home recharges.

Clients who use our company's EUROWAG cards do not need to give their permission to provide data, it is sufficient to create a EUROWAG card in Webdispecink (Settings/Fuels/Fuel Cards).
The costs will then start to be imported automatically.